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We have created guides to support you through stages of your labour, birth and parenting journey

Hey Baby and Beyond Guide for Labour, Birth & beyond
This is a complete guide to support you through labour, birth and beyond 
E book or a hard copy availiable

Planning For a Positive Birth


- Birth Places - whats available where? Each space explained
- Physical skills - breathing, positions & massage
- Positive affirmations
- Fear, Pain & Tension Cycle
- Role of birth partner
- Hospital bags
- Decision making 
- Breech baby?
- Self help pain relief methods
- Planned ceserean birth

Labour & Birth


- Hormones - how birth works?
- BRAIN - tool for making decisions
- Labour and birth overview
- Braxton hicks or labour?
- Stages of labour
- Skin to skin
- Placenta options & cord cutting
- Pain relief available - where & when?
- Assisted birth
- Monitoring in labour
- Episiotomy
- Vaginal examinations 
- Induction of labour - methods
- Unplanned ceserean birth

Postnatal Care & Baby Care


- Skin to skin & golden hour 
- Tears during birth
- Preventing OASI
- Looking after you after birth
- Emotions after birth
- Sex after birth
- Baby checks you may be offered
- Jaundice in the newborn 
- NICU/SCBU admission
- Discharge information 
- Evidence based baby care pointers - safe sleep, crying, baby wearing, health reminders, cord care, signs of illness, development, routine, nappy care, bathing, dressing & winding

Download your copy today - its never too late to be informed - the same contents included but accessible as soon as you click buy - printable to make notes 

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When clicking to buy the hard copy - the book will be posted to you - this is a printed and bound book to work through - also makes a perfect present

Guide to Weaning your Baby

Download only


- Getting started with weaning

- Is your baby ready? Signs to look for 

- Gagging v choking

- Allergies 

- Traditional weaning 

- Baby led weaning

- Combination weaning

- Vegan and vegetarian diets

- How should food look

- 50 first foods 

- Golden rules 

- Vitamins for your baby

- When and how to introduce other drinks 

- When and how to reduce milk feeds 

- Planning for when to introduce meals 

- Looking ahead - what is the aim

- Hunger cues 

With access to my exclusive Whatsapp group included for continued support


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