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Guide for labour, birth & Beyond - Your antenatal class in an Ebook

Welcome to Hey Baby and Beyond,


This guide will walk your through each eventulaly of birth, you wouldnt go on a journey without a plan - your journey to meeting your baby is no different.

This guide is your complte antenatal class in a book form that can be printed off (may slight distort due to file compression) or read online. There are also note spaces to start thinking about your preferences for birth.

Each section goes into depth about various things you may come across in birth, in an easy to read format. There are 67 pages full of useful evidence based information along with handy tips and tricks.



Where can you give birth?

Hormones for labour & birth

Role of the birth partner

Hospital bag checklists

Decision making

Physiological labour & birth overview


Self-help methods for labour & birth

Pain relief methods for labour & birth

Monitoring during labour 

Tears during pushing & The OASI care bundle

Episiotomy & Assisted birth

Vaginal examinations

Induction of labour

Ceserean birth - planned & unplanned

Postnatal care

Postnatal checks after birth

Baby Care


The aim is that by completeion you will feel better prepared, understand you options and feel confident ahead of your babys birthday!


This guide also has handy tips for looking after your baby which may come in handy in the months beyond birth!

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