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Thanks for all your help and guidance it was invaluable and contributed to us having the perfect birth despite pressure we were under to go down alternative methods. I'm glad we attended your class and had confidence to trust our gut feeling

December 2022

10/10 recommend this class with Lauren! Her advice helped us so much in the last few weeks when we were being pushed to get her out early because she was big! Would have ended in a much more invasive birth without her help!

November 2022

Loved the labour and birth masterclass, i feel like i understand all of my options a lot better and generally feel more relaxed about everything so thank you

November 2022


Lauren - Antenatal & Postnatal Teacher

Welcome, I am Lauren the person who created HBB, but more importantly a mum of four girls including a set of identical twins. 


"Labour and birth isn't going to tickle, we need to embrace it, be knowledgeable and understand the process for us to work with it, in turn you will meet the greatest gift there is - YOUR BABY! Remember this is YOUR BIRTH and YOUR STORY to write, so if you can stay away from the negative Nancy's, as this can negatively impact your experience without you even realizing" 

Unfortunately NHS antenatal classes are quite basic in the information given, often run in the daytime on weekdays, not always personalized to each individual and often late in the pregnancy - it can sometimes lead to more questions with no where to follow up - you may get chance to discuss your at your 36 week appointment which by then I would be expecting you to have your knowledge and preferences already discussed ready to go to that appointment.


A little about my background 

The reason I found myself with an interest in all things pregnancy, labour, birth and beyond is from becoming a mum myself at just 21.  I went into everything blindly, and luckily everything worked out well, but things could have been a lot different. 

Fast forward a few years I started working within the NHS in maternity where my knowledge and understanding grew again. I also have a great understanding of our maternity system being in this setting daily, the guidelines and what's available when and when.

I then decided to start my degree in birth and beyond to enable me to facilitate antenatal and postnatal classes, of which I teach many classes per month with the NCT mainly around south/central Manchester.

Then Hey Baby and Beyond was born, this enables me to branch out locally to Tameside and surrounding areas, use socials such as Instagram, YouTube and Facebook to reach more people.  I have also created a handbook that is available to access online from wherever you are.

I also offer postnatal support, this can be booked in advance or on a week by week basis.  From support with feeding and baby care, to taking over household jobs - or looking after the baby while you have a shower etc.

So if your looking for fun, relaxed, informed and evidence based classes you are in the right place, don't hesitate to drop me a message in the contact box below to see how I can support you in your journey to parenthood and beyond.

antenatal teacher


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