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Why pay for antenatal classes?.....

Its a good question, especially if the trust you are booked under offers free sessions. The difference is that the NHS sessions are very generic - usually a slide that it followed to give the information needed. That's not to say this can be really useful but....

When you attend a private session or course you are not only getting information on all eventuality's, we also discuss handy tips and tricks, the importance having nuggets of information around the different scenarios. I will always be completely transparent and realistic so that you can go into your birth feeling prepared and ready and so that your expectations are met.

Just a few example discussions that come as a surprise to parents in sessions -

  • If you accept induction of labour its highly unlikely that you will be able to use the Birth Centre (even if its discussed beforehand).

  • There are more pain relief options than gas and air or epidural.

  • You wont be admitted to hospital until you are at least 3cms dilated.

  • Pain relief options are limited until you reach established labour.

During your sessions you will be encouraged to ask questions, in a safe space - no question is a silly one! Along with the actual sessions my support goes beyond - right up until you give birth and once your baby is born - if I can help you (non medical issues) or signpost you i am always accessible via WhatsApp/call.

All in all parents come away feeling better prepared, having unpicked the mountains of information available.

Lauren x

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